Make your Valentine’s Day memorable

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to reconnect with a loved one. You don’t need to go over the top (and break the bank) to do it. However, you can start saving today by opening a Hertsavers Credit Union savings account.

You don’t necessarily buy chocolates, roses, jewellery. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts and we’re here to help you come up with low-cost Valentine’s ideas that are unique.

1. A booklet of vouchers

Create a booklet of ten vouchers which contains different services/chores that you can pledge to do on behalf of your loved one. For example

“One voucher to empty the dishwasher”

“One pass to take the dog for a walk”

2. Create a “What I love about you” book

You can make a book with all the reasons why you love someone. You can make it funny, serious, romantic or whatever reflects your relationship.

Some prompts include:

“I love how you <blank> every day”

“I love to watch you <blank>”

3. A hand-written letter

There is nothing more romantic or touching than when someone writes down how they feel about you on paper. Do this for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Tell them exactly what you love and appreciate about them. Nothing says I love you like your own words.

4. Treasure Hunt

Instead of giving a box of chocolates, why not make it fun by hiding candy where you think your sweetheart will find them? For example on their cup of coffee in the morning, another in their purse, another under the pillow etc.

5. Edible flowers

Make ‘roses’ from strawberries with strawberries and skwers which have been dipped in chocolate. You can then make a bouquet and present it to your loved one.

6. Make a homemade meal together

Rather than going out for a meal, why not make it romantic and cook together? You could listen to music, drink a glass of bubbly and cook at the same time.

After making the meal, why not eat it by candlelight? đŸ™‚

7. Go on a walk or bike together

If fitness is one your goals for this year, why not go for a walk or bike ride together? This is ideal especially if it’s been a long time since you did something like this together.

8. Have a movie night in

Pop the popcorn, cosy up under a blanket with a hot cuppa and enjoy a romantic together (if that’s what you both enjoy).

9. Dine out

Go out and eat. It doesn’t have to be an expensive meal but you can get hold of meal deals and vouchers.

You don’t necessarily have to do dinner. You can have breakfast, lunch or even just a dessert.

10. Become a local tourist

Spend the day together doing things that tourists would do. This can be inexpensive and may learn something new.

With your children

11. Homemade treats

Make homemade treats by making cookies and cupcakes instead of getting them from the shops. You can decorate them with heart-shaped sweets as well.

12. Love balloons

Fill up ordinary cheap balloons with a love note and homemade confetti that your children can have fun popping. You can hang them upside down from a chair or where they can easily reach.

13. Read some love stories together

Snuggle up with your children and read them some children love stories such as “Guess how much I love you”. You can borrow these books from your local library instead of buying them.

14. Make a homemade Valentine’s Day card

If you want to get your children involved, ask them to make a Valentine’s Day card with things that they can find around the house. For example, they can paint pasta red in colour and make a heart-shaped design out of it.

Last words

Make your Valentine’s Day memorable with experiences rather than expensive gifts. Remember, it’s what’s in your heart that counts.