Opening a savings account is a great way to introduce children to saving and explaining concepts such as earning dividends. This is an exciting way (and grown-up) thing for a child to do.

Our Junior Savings Account is free and easy to open. If you are a parent; grandparent; godparent or guardian, this is an ideal way to teach children how to save money. You can help them build it through making regular payments or one-off gifts on birthdays or other special occasions. You can also encourage them to put in their own money and see it grow. Junior savers can save up to £5,000.

What’s more, they can receive a dividend paid into their credit union account if Hertsavers makes a surplus.

Who is this account for?

Anyone under the age of 16 who lives in Hertfordshire is eligible to open a Junior Saver’s Account. An existing adult member needs to endorse the opening of an account.

Upon the young person’s 16th birthday, their account will be transferred to full adult membership with voting rights. Under 18s are not eligible for loans.

Apply now by contacting us at