How to celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget

The amount that you could spend on Mother’s Day can easily add up, especially if you want to make it special. For instance, a box of chocolates, flowers and a card could cost about £20.

Therefore, here are some ways to make it extra special for your mum (and on a budget):

1. Make a homemade gift

You can make a body scrub from sugar, a delicious cake or a keyring.

2. Family photos

Print off some photos of special occasions or holidays that she has been on and create a scrapbook or photo collage.

3. Make a voucher book

Put some handmade vouchers together for things for her to enjoy or you could do for her. This could be for a home-cooked meal of her choice, you doing the chores or even something a little more active like a yoga class.

4. Make a homemade meal/dinner

Pick her favourite starter, main and dessert dishes and whip up something you know she’ll love. Why not invite the rest of the family along for a really special meal?

5. Create a memory book/jar/box

Get all your family members to put down something special about your mum. You can then collate these and put them in a decorated jar or memory book. She will love this special (and personalised) gift.

6. Take a family outing

As Mother’s Day is in the spring, if the weather is good, take a walk in the park and admire the flowers. You can also have a picnic with a basket packed with all her favourite treats.

7. Have a movie night

Get your mum’s favourite movie, pop the popcorn and drinks and enjoy a night in with your mum.

8. Call her and wish her

If your mum lives away from you, why not give her a call to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day? If she isn’t too far from you, pay her a visit.

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!