How to be a savvy shopper during the sales season

With the sales season dawning upon us, here are six tips on how to be a savvy online shopper to save money and being vigilant.

1. Research, research, research!

Even though various websites give you Black Friday offers, sometimes these may not be the best deals that are out there. Always do your own research by comparing prices and see if you get the value for money before you spend.

2. Make a shopping list and budget and stick to it

Before any of the sales, make a shopping list before the Black Friday weekend so that you have ample time to do your research.

Make a note of what you are willing to spend on each item. By making a budget, this will help you avoid impulse buying.

3. Only spend on what you can afford

If you are already struggling financially, avoid spending money that you don’t have. Sticking to a budget helps with this. Also, ask yourself, “Do I need this, do I REALLY need this?” If you can think of three valid reasons why you need it and there are no cheaper alternatives, then put it on a wish list for next time.

**Remember tip number two…**

4. Protect yourself

Be as safe as possible when shopping online. Look out for websites that have ‘HTTPS’ at the start of their URL or a padlock sign in the browser. This shows that the website that you are purchasing from are more secure.

5. It’s about quality over quantity

Before making a purchase, check the reviews about a product to ensure that you buy the best for the value for your money.

Even though an item appears to be cheap, if the item breaks easily or spare parts are expensive, it’s not worth it.

That’s why you should always research before making your purchase, ahead of the sales season to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

6. Read the small print

  • Check for hidden costs such as delivery costs
  • Look at the returns policy and the ease of returning an item
  • Make sure you know whether you’ll be able to return the item as sometimes the item could be a final-sale item which means that once you’ve bought it, you won’t be able to return it.