Are you ready to reach your financial goals in 2023?

Hertsavers Credit Union is here to help you achieve your financial goals whether it’s planning for a special event, saving up for a car, building your child’s financial future or even for house savings. We have a wide range of savings accounts  and loan products to suit your financial needs.

Who we are

Hertsavers Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative providing safe savings and affordable loans to members of the credit union. Unlike banks and other financial providers, Hertsavers is member-centred and member-led so their focus is not on making profits but providing the best service that they can for their members.

Hertsavers serves anyone who is living or working in Hertfordshire.

Find out more about our services below:

Savings accounts

From Junior Savings Accounts to Holiday Savings Accounts, you can start saving today.

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You can apply for Child Benefit loans, Christmas loans, Savers Loans to name but a few.

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Salary Saving Scheme

Employees who can pay to their credit union account by saving from their payroll can apply for an introductory loan of up to £2000 repayable over up to 60 months.

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Why join Hertsavers Credit Union?

1. Owned and controlled by members so any surplus made goes back to our members as dividends.

2. Affordable loans with low interest rates.

3. We are ethical and provide a haven for members’ savings.

4. We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which protects savings up to £85,000.

5. We have a wide range of loan products and savings accounts to help you suit your financial needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our members have to say:

“I think for families, it is a great way of saving and borrowing when needed, with low interest options.”

“Hertsavers gives me peace of mind in knowing that I have a safety net in case of an emergency.”

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