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Borrowing £0 0ver 0 months will cost £0 per month.

Total amount repayable £0, which includes interest at 0% APR.


We offer loans to suit your needs, in all cases you get:

  • Sensible interest rates – with, in most cases, a maximum of 2% per month (26.8% APR).
  • You only pay interest on the outstanding balance so if you decide to pay off early it costs you less.
  • No hidden charges or unexpected penalties – for example, you can pay your loan off early without penalties if you are able to. There are no fees for taking out a loan
  • Lower rates if you have a track record with us – once we know you we may be able to offer you a lower rate or a larger amount.

Loans Interest on loans up to £500 is 42.6% APR  3% per month; loans are available from £501-£2000 with an interest rate of 2% per month or 26.8% APR. However many loans are given with a lower interest rate, this is subject to personal circumstances and credit check. You need to have been saving with us for at least three months. Larger loans of between £2,000 and up to £10,000 net can be available at a monthly interest rate of 1% (12.7% APR).

How much can I borrow?

Day-to-day lending decisions are made by CUS staff, under policies agreed by the HertSavers Board. We have a Credit Committee which oversees CUS lending decisions and decides on larger loans or, in the case of appeals, against lending decisions.

  • You need to have saved regularly with us for a minimum of three months – unless you save through your employer’s payroll or through paying your Child Benefit into your account, in which case you can borrow straightaway.
  • The exact terms of the loan will depend on your circumstances, including the amount of savings you have with us. We’ll never lend more than we think you can repay.
  • In general, a loan should be a minimum of £250 with a maximum of £10,000 above your savings. Members can apply for up to 3 times they have in savings, but the maximum can be £15,000.

If you join HertSavers through your Payroll Deductions or if you direct your Child Benefit to your HertSavers account, you may be able to borrow almost as soon as you join. In other cases, prudence requires us to be more restrictive in our lending criteria.

For more information about Child Benefit Savings & Loan Plan please click here.

Login to the member’s area where you will see a menu and click on ‘Apply for a Loan Online’.This will bring up the loan application which you can complete and submit online.