We offer a range of services to our members, including:

We are owned by and here to serve our members.

We offer smaller loans (up to £2000) at a maximum of 42.6% APR. Larger loans (over £2000) at 26.8% APR. Subject to personal circumstances and credit check.

·         Email address is office@hertsavers.co.uk

  • Telephone service for all enquiries 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday from 8.00am to 12 noon)
  • Face-to-face appointments in Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield or other outlets (call or email for an appointment)
  • You can transfer funds from your credit union account onto a debit card and can use this to make payments or withdraw funds
  • Savings products for regular savers, special occasions and juniors

The range of services and products is available thanks to our partnership with another non-profit-making cooperative, Credit Union Solutions, who administer all member services and accounts on our behalf.

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For any forms referred to on these pages, go to the Forms and documents page to download them.
If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for improvements to make to our services or to this site, please send them to office@hertsavers.org.uk